Woodhouse History

The Woodhouse Estate is steped in fascinating history, from its 16th Century origins to it modern day owners. Woodhouse is a palce of wonder and imagination. With many restoration projects a dedicated, Museum and scenic walks 

its easy to get lost in the history. 

A Brief History

The original house was built in the early part of the 17th century by the Fitzgerald family (a branch of the MacThomas Geraldines of the Decies).

While in the ownership of the Uniacke family it was passed by inheritance to the Beresford family and subsequently sold by Lord William Beresford in ca 1970. The House has since been extended over the years to become an impressive six bay window residence with bright and spacious rooms overlooking this private estate with the River Tay flowing through.

This is Woodhouse: the House in Time out of Mind. Its history, nature and aesthetic charm are encapsulated in the architectural and landscape form of linear progress to turn it into a lynch-pin between the past, present and the future.
Making this movie was possible thanks to the generosity and passion of the Woodhouse owners, Mr and Mrs Jim Thompson. It was written and directed by the Woodhouse Museum curator Marianna Lorenc. Images and Sound were created by Rafael de la Cruz http://rafadelacruz.weebly.com and Dr Jean Van Sinderen-Law lent us her beautiful voice.

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